Flexing the Self-Discipline Muscle


Several factors are at play when it comes to achieving success. And one that often proves vital in the key components one must possess is self-discipline. It is the building block of great effort and accomplishments. It comes handy, especially at times when dealing with complex issues that seem to make it harder to achieve your goals. It is self-discipline that enables you to do whatever it takes to start and finish things even if is the last thing you want to do. You develop self-discipline through constant and diligent practice every day of your life. Here are some fairly easy ways to build self-discipline or regain it if you feel that you may have lost it along the way.

1. Go easy on yourself. Even the most self-disciplined slip up sometimes. Do not be too hard on yourself when you fail to follow-through at times. Just make sure to take note of the lapses and strive to avoid repeating the same mistakes that led to it. Acknowledge that you need to improve your self-discipline without being too hard on yourself. Use the experience as a lesson to know the triggers that weaken your resolve.

2. Practice self-motivation. What is it that drives you? Focus on whatever it is that motivates you, especially when you feel that your self-discipline is flagging. Reminding yourself why you have to do what you need to do can give you the added push to recover or build self-discipline.

3. Don’t rush it. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to take major steps to build self-discipline. The best way for you to develop and sustain motivation along the way is to start small and simple. Break down your big goals into more manageable mini-goals. This way, you can focus on achieving a weekly goal. Succeeding on a mini-goal can help you gain the confidence to keep moving forward to take the next steps.

4. Be mindful. Stay in the present moment while doing the things you need to do. Don’t worry or overthink about what you have to do in the future. Focus on the now so you can give all your attention and energy to a task at hand.

5. Give your full commitment. Your level of commitment makes a lot of difference when it comes to building self-discipline. Do not be influenced by other people’s lack of motivation or inability to follow-through. Stick to what works for you and commit 100% of your focus and energy toward taking the steps to improve your self-discipline.

16 Dec, 2017

Managing Your Finances With Bowshooting

Managing your finances can be quite daunting. Not only will you need to be mindful enough to know where to spend your money, but also be aware enough to know when to spend your money.

But you know what?

Managing your finances can be quite delighting. Not only will you have to be mindful enough to learn where to spend your money, but also be aware enough to learn when to spend your money.

There’s more to it than it seems to be as you can manage your finances with bowshooting, especially with those found on bowjudge.com.

You see and contrary to what some people may think about bowshooting in general, it’s not just about targeting a bull’s eye and hunting a fine game for those who find this activity delighting. It’s also about realizing the value of hardwork along with saving as you learn how to make do with what’s already in front of you in order to survive whatever inevitable condition you may find yourself in especially outdoors.

This even applies for those who like – let’s say – camping and other survival-based and long-term activities, which doesn’t require you to spend all that much just to make yourself comfortable as you yourself would be the one to hunt down food during your trip.

Indeed, there’s more to it than it seems to be as you can manage your finances with bowshooting.


And you know what?

There’s even more to it than it seems to be as you can truly manage your finances with bowshooting, even with those found on the same link mentioned above.

You also see and contrary to what other people may feel about bowshooting in general, it’s not just about shooting a bull’s eye and killing a fine game for those who find this activity delighting. It’s also about realizing the value of determination along with budgeting as you learn how to make do with what’s still in front of you in order to survive whatever unexpected condition you may find yourself in even outdoors.

This especially applies for those who like – let’s say – hiking and other survival-based and short-term activities, which doesn’t require you to spend all that much just to make yourself secured as you yourself would be the one to target up risks during your trip.

And indeed, there’s even more to it than it seems to be as you can truly manage your finances with bowshooting.

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Saving Money With Pools


Let’s face it. It’s not often that we get a chance to take a breather from our hectic work life. It’s also not often that we get a chance to make a changer from our frantic home life. But when we do get that chance, it would probably involve us spending more than usual just to make the most out of that chance given to us.

Let’s also face it. It’s not often that we get a chance to save up money with our hectic work life. It’s also not often that we get a chance to budget down money with our frantic home life. And when we do get that chance, it would probably involve us burning more than usual just to make the most out of that chance given to us.

Then again, you can always save money with pools.

And by this, it means that instead of spending more than usual to make the most out of that chance mentioned above, why not take a break in swimming pools? Be it in your neighbor’s backyard or in your acquaintance’s condominium, you can always make the most out of that chance as you dip your feet into the water and simply relaxing your body via doing some strokes under the water and even under the warm sun that comes with a pool’s beach-like ambience.

After all, what matters is that you’re taking a breather and you’re having fun especially with your loved ones.

And then again, you can always save money in pools.

And by this, it means that instead of burning more than usual to make the most out of that chance mentioned above, why not have fun in swimming pools? Be it in your neighbor’s backyard or in your acquaintance’s condominium, you can always make the most out of that chance as you dip your feet into the water and simply rejuvenating your mind via doing some glides over the water and especially over the cool air that comes with a pool’s mountain-like atmosphere.

After all, what matters is that you’re making a change and you’re having fun even with your own self.

Now of course, what more if you’re planning to go swimming in an above ground pool?

Sounds great, right?

How about you?

How do you save money?

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1 Nov, 2017

6 Reasons Why a Jigsaw is Worth Your Money

Want to find the answer to how you should buy a jig saw? You should first identify the reasons why you need one. After all, it would be a waste of money if you purchase something you don’t need.

But let this article tell you something—you need a jigsaw. You really do.

Here are the reasons why:

They’re comfy to use


Cutting wood? No problem! The jigsaw is easy to use! Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or not, you can use this tool to cut through anything. It also takes up minimal space too!

Changing the blade is easy too. You just have to unplug it first, take out the battery, then locate the dial that links the blade to the saw. Then you turn the dial counter-clockwise, and it’ll set the blade free, enabling you to put a new blade. Once the dial is released, it will secure the blade. That’s it! All you have to do is find the lever placed above the shoe of your jigsaw which slides back and forth. When released, the jigsaw will rotate to one side; then you just have to pull the lever back to fasten it in place.

They’re great at cutting


This portable power handyman tool is efficient in cutting curves, making them one of any woodworker’s favorites. Get the task done quicker and better with a jigsaw today!

They can make bevel cuts

Building something fancy? Angled cuts can be made with a jigsaw too! As a matter of fact, a lot of jigsaws nowadays can be angled up to 45° for bevel cuts.

They can cut through metal

This versatile tool can cut wood no matter how thin or dense it is. And as long as the right blade is used, it can also cut through fiberglass, steel, and even drywall. Talk about a valuable tool!

They’re kid-friendly


As long as there’s adult supervision, even children can safely use this tool! That’ because a jigsaw rests on the surface of the material being cut, which means it doesn’t need much strength to keep it in position. New models of jigsaws nowadays are also light and slim, making them easy to handle and transport even for kids. Plus, it’s easy to keep the fingers and hands far from the blade. It’s actually the first power tool you should introduce to your kids.

They can be cordless

Don’t want to work with cords? A jigsaw can go cordless! You can now perform your cutting task without having to deal with a dangling cord. With a jigsaw, you can create detailed curves without having to worry about cutting the cord by chance!

Aren’t jigsaws wonderful to use? Obviously, buying one won’t waste your money as the tool can go a long way and last for a long time!

3 Sep, 2017

Why Gardening is a Must

It can give you a slimmer figure

Gardening is a physical activity that has a moderate intensity. Just do some light gardening for an hour, and you could burn about 330 calories! Losing those unwanted fit-belly-and-tape-measure-slimfats has never been this entertaining. So, for those who are trying to lose some weight, along with proper exercise and diet, you could grow your own food and eat healthier food.

It promotes better eating habits

Because you’ll cultivate your own veggies and fruits when you garden, the produce you’ll consume will be a lot healthier because they’re fresh. It also saves energy and money when compared to when you buy from the grocery stores. Besides, homegrown food has more nutrients. It’s also beneficial for medical marijuana patients who are allowed to cultivate their own cannabis plants.

It relieves stress

gardening planting soil hands gardener

Gardening has been proven to alleviate stress. So if you need an activity to reduce your cortisol levels, then you should try gardening. It can give gardeners peace of mind.

It improves the gardener’s attitude

Thanks to gardening, you can become more emphatic to nature and people. Gardening makes the person compassionate to the crops, extending his or her patience and ability to be sensitive to the needs of the plants. And when a person is patient, emphatic, and sensitive, he or she can have better relationships with the people he or she meets every day.

It reduces your risk of developing osteoporosis

The activity also requires the stretching of bones and muscles, preventing the gardener to develop osteoporosis. This is also possible because gardening has repetitive tasks such as weeding, digging, and planting. It’s an activity that’s secretly a workout.


It decreases the chances of acquiring diabetes and heart disease

Tending to your garden makes the heart active, allowing it to maintain its good health. As a matter of fact, gardening can help gardeners prevent obesity.

It lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Gardening keeps the mind sharp and helps the farmer concentrate on the tasks at hand. This means it is a high concentration activity that can prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, gardening every single day can reduce your chances by 50%. It also promotes resourcefulness and creativity.

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Reasons Why You Need to Start Juicing Every Morning


Juicing is an excellent way to heighten your energy levels and boost your immunity. Making fresh juice can also help lower your chances of acquiring diseases like constipation, bowel movement, heart disease, and even cancer! Ingredients used in juices also have healing properties that can get rid of toxins from your body and aid in digestion. Juices contain highly-concentrated enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that quickly penetrate your bloodstream, making you feel energized in no time.


Aside from a healthier bod, you can also have a healthier brain thanks to the nutrients fresh juices offer. In fact, as per the Kame Project, those who drank fruit and vegetable juices more than thrice a week were 76% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease compared to those who drank juices once a week.


If you don’t like chewing fruits and veggies, juicing is the perfect way to get them into your system. We all know how essential fruits and vegetables are for our bodies to go, grow, and glow, and we can’t just ignore that fact. Luckily, juicing makes the intake a lot bearable thanks to the thousands of recipes that combine the sweetness of fruits and goodness of veggies. Can’t eat them? Drink them instead! After all, it’ll be a lot easier to swallow it in liquid form. It’s a fun way to be healthy. Want another great thing about juicing? You won’t even notice how many fruits and veggies you’ve already consumed if they’re transformed into a refreshing, cold drink!



Fight or prevent hair loss with the power of juicing! You’ll be surprised by how more effective juices can be compared to the hair gels and creams you’ve been buying. Try juices with the following key ingredients: aloe vera, guava, cucumber, kiwi, and onion.


Have a radiant skin with juicing! Juices work their way from the inside out, giving you all the nutrients you need to be healthy inside and look healthy outside. Plus, most fruits and vegetables used in common juice recipes contain vitamin C, antioxidants, zinc, and copper, which are all great for the skin.

orange juice glass woman outdoors


Common fruits and veggies used in juicing have calcium and phosphorus which can strengthen your bones. Vitamin D and magnesium can also help your bones maintain their health.


slim woman smiling with healthy juice Want to lose those extra pounds? Get help from fresh juice! Incorporating it into your diet and exercise routine can help you lose weight quicker. You just need to know the right ingredients that can help you. If you want to have a slimmer figure, avoid fruit juices that contain natural sugar. It’s best to follow recipes that include a lot of pineapples, lemon, parsley, kale, turmeric, and lettuce.

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Family eating together
14 Aug, 2017

4 Reasons Why Home Cooking is Good for You

It’ll make you healthier

According to a study published in the Public Health Nutrition, adults who ate home-cooked dinner six to seven times a week consumed approximately five fewer grams of fat, 16 fewer grams of sugars, and 140 fewer calories per day than those who only ate home-cooked dinner once a week or less! It just proves that you home-cooked food will make you more health-conscious and healthier!

Home cooking

It’s more affordable

Cooking your food is better than eating the “cheaper” fast food meals from restaurants. They might seem less expensive, but the truth is when you consider the weight, serving size, as well as the nutrients, home-cooked food will still be the winner. Take for example when you use a bread machine, say the Oster 2-Pound Expressbake, you can save about $2-$4 per loaf! And if your family eats less than 80 loaves of bread a year, that can save you $160-$320 annually!

It can bring your family closer

Family eating togetherWhen you prepare meals, you allow your family to bond. With the hectic schedules each member has, it’s good to have some time to spend with your family. Eating home-cooked dinner together can also serve as a stress reliever. Besides, parents should also teach their kids the importance of healthy eating, and there’s no better time to do it than when eating home-cooked dinner.

It can protect you from food poisoning

Center for Disease Control (CDC) said 76 million people in the U.S. are poisoned by food annually. Food poisoning is induced by viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can gravely harm or kill you. When you buy food from restaurants, there’s a higher risk that you’d consume contaminated foods or those that were improperly cooked. However, when you cook, you can apply the right temperature, check the freshness of the ingredients, and clean your food thoroughly before you cook them. In short, you’ll have better control of what you’ll feed yourself and your family.

If you’ve been poisoned while at home, check out this quick remedy:


Personal Development 101: Self-Discipline


Personal development is not just about becoming a better person. It involves time, which you need to manage effectively. It also involves effort, which you need to make wisely. It even involves patience, which goes with the determination to reach your goal. But most of all, it involves self-discipline – which you and I are gonna take a closer look at right now.

By definition, self-discipline refers to one’s ability to control emotions and overcome weaknesses. In addition, self-discipline refers to one’s ability to pursue what is right despite challenges that go with it. Simply put, self-discipline is your personal cop – a cop who’ll make you realize what’s more important in life.

That being said, here are some ways to establish self-discipline:

Know the difference between needs and wants.

Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of self discipline is not just limited to keeping one’s self healthy in every aspect of life. It also involves keeping one’s things safe from whatever temptation there is, just like when you go on a shopping spree without really having the capacity to buy something more than $50.

Thus, you need to know the difference between needs and wants. This is for you to learn how to prioritize what’s important, as well as learn how to be more patient with yourself over things you haven’t been able to control by yourself.

Ask help from your loved ones.

Establishing self-discipline is more than just knowing what needs to be done. It’s also knowing when to cry out for help, as well as acknowledging the fact that you can’t do it by yourself. Thus, you should ask help from your loved ones. This is for you to reconnect with them in the best way possible, as well as realize what’s already in front of you.

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Nighttime Habits for Improved Mental Performance


Busy and stressful days at the workplace often make it more challenging to perform effectively. Some days, you could find yourself barely making headway at the mounting pile work, rushing to meet deadlines, and jugging different tasks at the same time. To stay on top of your game, you need to find ways to boost brainpower and sharpen your mind at work. Here are some nighttime habits that can help you sharpen your mind and improve your mental acuity.

1. Spend some time reading. Sleep strengthens brain recall and improves your ability to access information. You can sharpen your mind by incorporating reading into your pre-bedtime ritual. However, you need to develop the self-discipline to properly pace your reading so as to avoid staying up late into the night just to finish a book or magazine article.

2. Aim for quality sleep. Sleep is one the most powerful tools that can help sharpen your memory and boost your brainpower. You need to work on getting enough sleep every night if you want to be effective and productive at work.

3. Do something to relieve stress. Avoid bringing work at home. Make your home that one place where you can look forward to relax and unwind after a busy day at work. Devote your time at home to relaxing pursuits. Spend your personal time enjoying a good meal, soaking in a scented bath, reading an inspiring book, or listening to soothing music as you get ready to sleep.

4. Practice free-writing. A study shows that writing longhand can be stimulating to your brain. Keep a journal not just to stimulate and exercise your brain but also to write down your thoughts, record ideas, and express yourself.

5. Practice or learn a foreign language. Learning a new language is an excellent exercise for the brain. You can benefit personally or professionally if you learn a new language. Carve out some time each night to work on your writing, reading, and speaking skills on a foreign tongue of your choice.

6. Practice mindfulness or meditation. Meditation is a great way to manage your stress and prevent mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. It can also boost mental clarity, concentration, focus, decision-making skills, and creativity. Make meditation a part of your daily routines and you will soon experience the many benefits the ancient practice gives.

7. Visualize. Prepare for another day at work by visualizing the outcomes you want to happen and create an internal dialogue that would keep you motivated to accomplish it. Do not dwell on negative thoughts. Instead, acknowledge them and shift your focus towards the good things you intend to happen.