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Why Gardening is a Must

It can give you a slimmer figure

Gardening is a physical activity that has a moderate intensity. Just do some light gardening for an hour, and you could burn about 330 calories! Losing those unwanted fit-belly-and-tape-measure-slimfats has never been this entertaining. So, for those who are trying to lose some weight, along with proper exercise and diet, you could grow your own food and eat healthier food.

It promotes better eating habits

Because you’ll cultivate your own veggies and fruits when you garden, the produce you’ll consume will be a lot healthier because they’re fresh. It also saves energy and money when compared to when you buy from the grocery stores. Besides, homegrown food has more nutrients. It’s also beneficial for medical marijuana patients who are allowed to cultivate their own cannabis plants.

It relieves stress

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Gardening has been proven to alleviate stress. So if you need an activity to reduce your cortisol levels, then you should try gardening. It can give gardeners peace of mind.

It improves the gardener’s attitude

Thanks to gardening, you can become more emphatic to nature and people. Gardening makes the person compassionate to the crops, extending his or her patience and ability to be sensitive to the needs of the plants. And when a person is patient, emphatic, and sensitive, he or she can have better relationships with the people he or she meets every day.

It reduces your risk of developing osteoporosis

The activity also requires the stretching of bones and muscles, preventing the gardener to develop osteoporosis. This is also possible because gardening has repetitive tasks such as weeding, digging, and planting. It’s an activity that’s secretly a workout.


It decreases the chances of acquiring diabetes and heart disease

Tending to your garden makes the heart active, allowing it to maintain its good health. As a matter of fact, gardening can help gardeners prevent obesity.

It lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Gardening keeps the mind sharp and helps the farmer concentrate on the tasks at hand. This means it is a high concentration activity that can prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, gardening every single day can reduce your chances by 50%. It also promotes resourcefulness and creativity.

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