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6 Reasons Why a Jigsaw is Worth Your Money

Want to find the answer to how you should buy a jig saw? You should first identify the reasons why you need one. After all, it would be a waste of money if you purchase something you don’t need.

But let this article tell you something—you need a jigsaw. You really do.

Here are the reasons why:

They’re comfy to use


Cutting wood? No problem! The jigsaw is easy to use! Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or not, you can use this tool to cut through anything. It also takes up minimal space too!

Changing the blade is easy too. You just have to unplug it first, take out the battery, then locate the dial that links the blade to the saw. Then you turn the dial counter-clockwise, and it’ll set the blade free, enabling you to put a new blade. Once the dial is released, it will secure the blade. That’s it! All you have to do is find the lever placed above the shoe of your jigsaw which slides back and forth. When released, the jigsaw will rotate to one side; then you just have to pull the lever back to fasten it in place.

They’re great at cutting


This portable power handyman tool is efficient in cutting curves, making them one of any woodworker’s favorites. Get the task done quicker and better with a jigsaw today!

They can make bevel cuts

Building something fancy? Angled cuts can be made with a jigsaw too! As a matter of fact, a lot of jigsaws nowadays can be angled up to 45° for bevel cuts.

They can cut through metal

This versatile tool can cut wood no matter how thin or dense it is. And as long as the right blade is used, it can also cut through fiberglass, steel, and even drywall. Talk about a valuable tool!

They’re kid-friendly


As long as there’s adult supervision, even children can safely use this tool! That’ because a jigsaw rests on the surface of the material being cut, which means it doesn’t need much strength to keep it in position. New models of jigsaws nowadays are also light and slim, making them easy to handle and transport even for kids. Plus, it’s easy to keep the fingers and hands far from the blade. It’s actually the first power tool you should introduce to your kids.

They can be cordless

Don’t want to work with cords? A jigsaw can go cordless! You can now perform your cutting task without having to deal with a dangling cord. With a jigsaw, you can create detailed curves without having to worry about cutting the cord by chance!

Aren’t jigsaws wonderful to use? Obviously, buying one won’t waste your money as the tool can go a long way and last for a long time!

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